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This is my wish list as of 10 March 2017. I have been asked why I have such a large wish list in a "Aren't you being greedy?" sort of way. But then I also have people ask me what I want for a birthday, Christmas, going away party, etc. and it's very easy to point them to this list. This is simply a list of things I would like to own.

The items on this list have generally been prioritized. I would rather have the items closer to the top of each subsection, as opposed to the ones on the bottom. However, I would rather have the ones on the bottom as opposed to none at all.

You can find the most recent version of this wish list online at www.cwholemaniii.com/pages/general/wish_list.shtml

(*NOTE: The location of this in my list depends on how much of it there is...)

Camera Lenses{TOP}

For the Canon EOS line of cameras.

(NOTE: Nice* means leather bound with gold leaf, etc. If it's listed under Nice, it means I already have a copy & want an epic show piece / home copy. Click here for example.)




Schlock Mercenary
  1. The Tub of Happiness" (By Howard Tayler)
  2. "The Teraport Wars" (By Howard Tayler)
  3. "Under New Management" (By Howard Tayler)
  4. "The Blackness Between" (By Howard Tayler)
  5. "The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance" (By Howard Tayler)

A great place to find Magic: The Gathering cards is TCGPlayer.com As with any build-your-own-deck sort of game, the more the better (ie, I could use multiples of each of these).

Art {TOP}

Magazine Subscriptions {TOP}

Music {TOP}



Specific Albums

Tools {TOP}

Power Tools

Non-powered Tools

Movies {TOP}

Note that the movie section is low on my list for a reason.


TV Series

Spirits & Such {TOP}

Scotches should be single malt, very peaty, Islays.



Big Ticket Items {TOP}

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