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There are only 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who know binary, and those who don't.


Most of these games were born directly from my head. Some are based on other people's work, and a few are merely modifications made while standing on the shoulders of giants. Regardless of how they came to be, I have enjoyed creating them, and playing them. Welcome to my toybox; have fun!


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The Silver Square: Riverbend Crossing

The Silver Square: Riverbend Crossing is a module designed for a one-shot D&D 5e session. It may stretch to 2 sessions, particularly with players new to RPGs.
It allows up to 6 players, though there are 9 PCs pregenerated and provided for the sake of variety. It takes place on a Dragon controlled Paradigm, though you will not encounter any dragons in this module. The module is available as a standalone Obsidian vault, which contains all the info, maps, files, PCs character sheets as PDFs, etc. that you'll need to run the adventure. Once you've downloaded the file, you must unzip it. After that you can "Open folder as a vault" from Obsidian, or just browse the files as plaintext.



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