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There are only 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who know binary, and those who don't.

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A Dakota Entendre


Dakota is a junior in highschool who is pulled into a magical insane asylum by the inmates who have taken over. Her grim quest is to survive, and find a way back home to her family on Earth.


1st Draft:

Alpha Reads:

Capital Crimes & Ghastly Galas
Anecdotes on Neeria Prime From the Travelogue of an Unimportant Diplomatic Attaché

An anthology of interconnected short stories written from the perspective of a diplomatic attaché in his enemy's capital. This collection explores the culture of the capital, comparing and contrasting how the Neerian people actually live, from the gutter rats to the glittering nobility.


  • A Heist Gone Right
    First Draft
  • A Vexing Hexing
    First Draft
  • Boy Trouble & Irksome Girls
  • Murder at a Gala
  • Noontime Necromancy
    First Draft
  • Rickshaw Rage
    First Draft
  • The Case of Lifesaving Pastries
    First Draft
  • An Afternoon with an Escort
    First Draft
  • Through the Eyes of an Urchin
    First Draft
  • Mixing Magic - An Explosive Event
    First Draft


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