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There are only 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who know binary, and those who don't.


The vast majority of my work has taken place within The Paradigm Codex. This page contains everything else. Sorry, there's not much detail on the Hypercore Verse right now.


Info on my participation in the yearly writing frenzy can be found here.


The number of words/page varries significantly from one book to another, from one author to another, and from publisher to publisher. I generally call it around 350 words / page.

Assorted Novels

The Game (Unfinished)
First Draft

#SciFi #Hypercore

Assorted Novellas

First Draft

A bitter mercenary and his swarm of drones seek to make a living in harsh times. Nothing has been the same since aliens accidently shattered human civilization.
#SciFi #Hypercore

Assorted Short Stories

Assorted Flash Fiction